Saturday, September 1, 2007

Julien Michael Oliver September First


GG said...

Best looking bebe in the entire world! Good work, Josh and Gena!

Leslie said...

So glad everybody's healthy and happy. He looks just like his parents, how about that. God Bless, the Mills

Jen & Holland Keller said...

Hi new baby cousin. I can't wait to meet you. Love, Holland

Beautiful, beautiful baby! Congratulations!! We can't wait to hold him and love him! Love, Jen

Rick said...

Congratulations! He's absolute perfection! Our love to the 3 of you.
Kristi and Rick

Anonymous said...

What a blessing! Enjoy every minute of every day! Nothing like it in the world! Love, The McIvers

dad said...

He looks just like Jackie, or maybe like Marvel, or was it Josh, or Gena, or POPS, Grandma???? or probably just himself!!!!!

We love all three of you.

What a great job from you and Gena forever - it seemed!