Monday, September 3, 2007

Smaller Today

No, not the baby. The number of pictures - only four today!
Finally, I took some with all three of us in the frame. They are alright, but plenty of room for perfection so this will be revisited again I'm sure. Also a work in progress is the "put the baby on top of where he used to be" photo. I can't be the first person to think of this so maybe I can find some inspiration/ideas from some real artists for this one. For now it's great but I'm thinking more art quality work. We'll see.
Like I said yesterday we aren't astonished by his "smallness", we think he's rather big actually, but I will say coming home and seeing our cats - the cats look enormous! And heavy! Of course Jingle IS a bit over 20lbs, so... we'll have to stick up for Julien for a few months.. by the way anyone have advice about cats and newborns? We aren't worried but at the same time looking for others' experiences.

A cute one of Gena and Julien:

And that's it! I know, not nearly as much as the past two days, but you know what he LOOKS like now, so it's just a matter of finding those special expressions and new ideas of pictures to make.

So Gena is still doing well, she should go home Wednesday or maybe Thursday if she has to stay an extra day. The baby is doing well too, everything is fine he had tests today for blood coagulation, hearing (not sure how this one worked), and something else, and all is good.

Well, as usual this week I'm getting home rather late, so this is all you get today - I'm off to bed.

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Booches said...

Hi there!!! Congrats!!!!! You guys look great! Especially the little one :)

Anyways, I'm going to spend the rest of my day at work scrolling through the rest of the blogs... and I noticed your comment "Also a work in progress is the "put the baby on top of where he used to be" photo" --- you may have addressed this later on after this post, but some ideas I've seen are a Chair (baby soft chair not a REAL big person chair), you prop the baby up in there and watch them grow month to month... or use a stuffed animal that is big. Or even a spot on the wall next to something.

Just a few I've seen....


Ttys :)