Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Yesterday was the day Jingle has been waiting almost 3 years for. He finally got out - the top! Silly me left the upper window above the desk wide open after taking some pictures of the sun setting, and Jingle was OUT! By the time we knew and I went back upstairs, Santa was ready to go too. "Don't leave me!"

Jingle was so excited, tail bushed out and straight up in the air, trotting around to each corner and along the edges, looking for somewhere else to go. I didn't dare climb out with him and try to chase and catch him, he was on his own. But in the end it was rather cold on the roof and nothing to do so he wandered back close enough to be grabbed.

I'm sure he thought he made his big break, but in the end it was rather anti-climatic for him. Our poor prisoner.

By the way, this is the new lens I'm getting for my birthday! It's super wide, check the distortion and how skinny that building looks!
The camera is at the same height as that other skylight!
Sorry, it's a photo thing....

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