Thursday, August 30, 2007

Home Alone

Hi Everyone,
It's Josh again. I'm home, but Gena is still at the hospital. They will induce her in the morning if nothing happens before then. We waited in the hospital all day, they gave Gena something in the morning to uh warm her up I guess for the induction and she eventually started having some small, irregular contractions. Midwife said I could go home, they were going to charge me 50€ to sleep there, and I'll sleep better at home and with the cell phone by my head.

So, sounds like the baby should be born tomorrow! 31st!

Here's a cute picture of Gena from today. I'm gonna get some sleep while I can!

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Anonymous said...

We are waiting and praying............Love to both of you...............PS Scott had the 31st in the, the McIvers