Thursday, September 20, 2007

Pictures Again

Just a cute one of Julien

We had Christoph and Noé over since they are leaving soon for Australia! This is the new super wide angle lens - doesn't the apartment look HUGE?! Click it click it

Marvel, Gena, Julien and I went to Champagne on Saturday. Here's Marvel and Julien in front of Taittinger, where we had a tour.

Julien and his Grandmamma GV!

The Four of Us.
Different take

Me and the kid! Note the remote in my hand, all the baby instruction manuals, and the leftover plastic bags from Carefour - we got our groceries delivered this day!

Opps, how did this get in here, this isn't a picture of our baby! Taken from our apartment window (if you've been, you know this isn't really our "view", but... it's possible to see). I have a ton of pictures like this, all different times of the day. I'm trying to capture the moon behind the tower, Tuesday 5AM should be an opportunity. It's all about the weather.

Gena and Julien out for a walk! This art is just next to our building. I think it's some famous fictional French detective fellow.

Gena got flowers from Sartomer! How nice of all those guys and gals in the Technical Center!

Mamma GV and the baby!! How sweet. She won't let him go!

That's all for now. Sorry to be so long between updates. As you can imagine we are busy busy! Julien is asleep now, hurrah! It's been 2.5 hours so I'm expecting him to need something soon. He sleeps okay for a while but is still eating twice during the night. I take a little wussy shift so Gena can at least sleep a couple hours and then I go to bed since I can't feed him. And Gena is nice enough to give me some sleep too..

Anyhow, hope everyone out there is doing well! Leave lots of comments, we love to hear from you. And if you are anonymous put your name so we know who we're hearing from :)

Oh by the way we took Julien to the embassy, made him a citizen, and ordered his first passport! We officially have a duel citizenship baby. How exciting!


Anonymous said...

But I like being anonymous.........Kristin

Anonymous said...

He looks! Gena, you look great! You even look rested. Maybe it's a touch up??? Doubtful. It's youth.
With regard to sleep, it's overrated.....unless of course you're not getting any. Ah......the memories........precious, precious children. With love, anonymous........K

Anonymous said...

Oh well, Jingle, maybe another day........interesting lens. I can't believe that the other bldg is the same height. Deception!

Anonymous said...

oh the camera is at the same height! Still...........