Thursday, September 6, 2007

A Good Day!

After a long night... but now we are on a schedule! And Julien just slept 4 hours in a row, basically. I'm optimistic about tonight. I took a lot of pictures today so here are some of the better ones.

It's not all smiles and giggles 100% of the time! Here's the bad face! Note the tongue curl. That's to project his voice through all space and time! Surprised you guys don't hear it in California.
The family on the couch. Note the football hold. Heisman pose tomorrow maybe!

Santa stepped in for some loving and had some fun too.

Julien's chili pepper outfit. One of those we have to wear a lot now 'cause I don't know how long it will fit! Super cute. We changed his clothes later, though, 'cause the bottom part isn't really compatible with the Baby Bjorn carrier thing, and we went for a walk later.

We told you Julien's feet are big. Turns out they aren't THAT big.

Cozy little angel.

Can see his eye color pretty well here - or what it is for now. Dark/slate kind of blue.

Julien flashing his gang sign. Anyone know who this kid rolls with?

Well at some point, folks, the pictures have to be cut back a bit. Surely that will happen a lot after I go back to work - Tuesday.
Prepare, you Grandparents, so you don't have too much withdrawal!

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Anonymous said...

NOOOOOOOO! Don't stop the pictures!!!!
That is one handsome baby--he looks so cute in his outfits, he could be a baby clothes model! I could eat that baby us! Yeah, schedules.