Sunday, September 30, 2007

Baby Julien's First Hiking Trip

Today we took the baby on his first hiking trip. It was just a short excursion to the forest at Fountainebleu which is just south of Paris. Julien did great, he just slept the entire time. We woke him up for about 5 minutes to experience nature for the first time. I also did very well, I was pleased to be able to hike 2 hours while carrying the baby, I thought I would be get worn out sooner.

We also had a bathing adventure when we got home. Julien had his first bath in the "big boy tub". He was getting way too big for the sink. He LOVES the water but he really hates the before and after. Our neighbors must think we torture the poor kid, he screams like crazy when I am drying him. It is worth the effort though because he smells so nice after his lotion rub down.

I also bought him a few outfits at the store yesterday. He needed a couple more warm clothes for our outings around the city. When I bought his clothes I didn't realize he would often need multiple outfits per day. No, he isn't a fashionista he just has a little trouble with spit-up and sometimes his diaper isn't attached quite right. I now have enough so I can do laundry a little less often. I have always been thankful for my dryer which is a luxury in Paris but now it makes me even happier. The simple things in life.

Josh took a lot of pictures today on our hike so I am sure some will be posted soon. We will also try to get a good one of baby Juju in the tub, we need something to blackmail him with in the future.


Anonymous said...

so? where are those pictures!!! It's been about a week since I have seen him and I am getting very antsy...especially not being about to hold the most beautiful genius baby in the world!!

Anonymous said...

Like we don't know who posted that comment!

Anonymous said...

So, sounds like things are going along swimmingly. Yes, yes, I recall the need for many changes of clothes. It! Glad you're adjusting and enjoying it. Love, Kristin