Saturday, September 8, 2007

Julien is one week old today!

We had a rather rough night last night with the baby, he didn't want to sleep. I think he was excited for his birthday.. but probably it was the half a cup of coffee I had. Today he was much better, going down for his naps and staying awake in the afternoon. I hope he sleeps better tonight! I am giving up coffee for the foreseeable future.

We have worked out a night system, Josh takes the early shift from about 11-2 so I can sleep then I am in charge from 2 through the night. I have to feed him at 2 so this works well. This way we are both able to get at least some sleep. We will see how it works out once Josh goes back to work, hopefully Julien will be sleeping better by then.

We aren't really doing anything other than taking care of the baby and trying to make one outing a day. Today we didn't go out because I was still sore from yesterday when we walked for longer than usual. I can't wait to regain my strength and get back to normal. I already feel a million times better than the last weeks of pregnancy.

The cats are totally over the baby. They could care less about him, unless he is crying then they look at us with desperation to get him to stop!

All in all he is a good baby. He is really sweet and loves to cuddle, especially after he nurses. We are having a great time learning how to care for him and enjoying this special time while he is so young.


Anonymous said...

Just rest.........try to get as much sleep as possible. You need your strength. Keep the pictures coming........Love, K

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