Sunday, September 2, 2007


I should warn you.

This blog contains many baby photos.

All but a few of you may become very bored and sick of looking at the same kid over and over in similar poses, with similar expressions, and wearing the same clothes.

Furthermore, this blog is seriously threatening to continue in this manner for the foreseeable future.

But there is good news. Out of the *228* pictures I took today, I am only posting 14. Hey, some weren't of the baby (4!) and many were out of focus or blurry, so.. well I like to call myself now a competent photographer but I'm stuck in a poorly lit room using the tools I have! Is it any wonder I want a Nikkor 35mm f/2.0 AFD lens? It's amazing I can get anything publishable with my dinky setup.
Don't listen to Gena about my camera equipment, by the way.

In my opinion he's looking a lot better on his second day than his first. The marks from the tongs are about gone, his head is a much more attractive "round" shape, and now he's had a whopping two baths so I guess he's twice as clean as yesterday. By the way I'm waiting to let Gena relay the story of her labor and the birth, she'll be in the Hospital until Wednesday or Thursday - she's fine but without internet access nor free phone calls to the US. Everyone is fine!

Check out my kid's long legs! And big feet too! Walking will probably be a bit more difficult at first, but once he gets running he'll be fast! Gena said I can't train him like that 8 year old girl in China who runs marathons like every day. We'll see.

See that smile? My kid likes me!

My kid has ear hair! I'm still not clear on what hair is going to stay and what is going to fall out/be regrown. Anyone?

In the nursery today there is a (apparently) British woman. It was SO NICE to have someone explain things in a way we could understand, and furthermore be able to understand what we were really asking when we had questions! She didn't know anything about the service warranty, though. I guess they don't have that in the UK?

He's got some red antibiotic eyedrop residue around his eyes, mostly his left. It's tough to see on these tiny blog images. He gets the drops for 3 days, so tomorrow is the last. Standard procedure.

He's got his own wheeling crib, with rules like don't leave him alone. There is also some tight security measures for taking kids out of the hospital! Coded bracelets and the like. Secret things, too, so I'd better not tell so to avoid tipping off potential criminals!!

He was awake a lot today, but it's easier to take pictures when he's sleeping.

We certainly aren't astounded by his small-ness. In fact, we think he's a bit large! We can't believe he fit inside her two days ago. I wanted to do a picture of him curled up over top of where he was inside but we thought he might not cooperate and why get him all.. screamy. I'm thinking more about it now and I think I'll push for it tomorrow and see if it works.

Some people may have received a text message late Friday night - for those who didn't, or who did but need the translation from metric, Julien Michael Oliver weighed 8lbs 8.5oz, and was 21.25inches long.

By the way all of these images are downsized to make uploading easier - if you want full res files for printing or counting his eyebrow hairs (he has some, they are just light) email me at and tell me which one(s) you want. Most are under 10MB.
**Edited to say if you click on the pictures you will see what is basically full "size" but not as high "quality". (Saved at level 7 in photoshop instead of 12) What's the difference? Not much, and probably not visible if printed in normal sizes. I'll still give you full quality files if you want to print poster sizes!!**

Have a good day out there! Or night! Maybe more tomorrow!


GG said...

I think you need to push for a re-measurment. That baby is longer than 21 1/2 inches! And about the ear hair? Not sure I'd be drawing attention to that if I were you.
Lovely, darling pictures, please keep them coming.

Anonymous said...

Ear hair will probably come off. The head hair, ???? Michael's was dark and then he was towhead!!! Eric was blonde and then his hair was brown at three.... Don't know that there is a standard rule.........sorry!

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, love the pictures. Never tire of them............Kristin

mama g.g. said...

The pictures are great!!! Keep sending them. Julien has legs that are 21 in. long. I see no ear hair..just perfect little cherub ears on a perfect little baby boy.
love to you all..marvel

p.s. some how when I signed into the sight so I could send comments, instead of having mama g.v., it came out mama g.g.....i don't know how to change it. Josh you will have to fix it for me please.

Emily said...

Hi guys! I am so enthralled and delighted with the new little man. He looks healthy, happy and absolutely perfect. I am not sure how he fit into Gena's mid-section, lol. Those legs are great! I have to say that Gena looks absolutely beautiful, and stunningly happy. :-) Great job you guys...and congratulations. I've been checking in everyday for pictures and updates. I can't wait to talk with you both when you get home, recover and settle in.

Oh, and I had ear hair when I was born. You can confirm for me, but I am pretty sure it's gone now. LOL. I believe it's called lanugo.

Thinking of you all...lots of love to the new baby Julien!

- Em

dad said...

Hi Olivers!!

During our phone calls with you, we can not convey our thrill at seeing the two of you so, so happy to have become THREE.

We almost feel that we are their to enjoy Julien with you. Thank you, thank you for continuiing to include us in your lives. We never intend to violate your trust in us or our trust and love for you.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING !!! It is tomorrow -- isn't it??

PS: Mom would like to see a pix of Julien with the Eiffel tower in it. If you have to be in it, that's OK too.

love to all,

mom and dad