Monday, August 13, 2007

Is it possilbe to be pregnant FOREVER???

Another week has come and gone and still NO BABY! I am starting to get a little stir crazy in the apartment. Thank goodness Josh and I were able to go grocery shopping and out to lunch this weekend. We even spent a couple hours walking in the park with hopes of hurrying this kid along... but no luck.

One good thing to come out of all this time home is my house has never been so clean. I am cleaning spaces I didn't even know existed, like the little space between my stove and the counter, 1/4 of an inch now clean. If I can reach it I am cleaning it. I think this is the first time in my life ALL the laundry has been done. There isn't even a sock in the hamper. I am not sure if it is "nesting" or sheer boredom but it is nice to have a clean apartment. I can only hope it lasts once the baby gets here but something is telling me it won't.

Josh's sister Kristin and her family are back today from a tour of Switzerland and Venice. It is really nice to have company to break the monotony of the day. They are here until Wednesday and then my friend Maureen might come for the weekend. She is in Brussels for work and will take the train to Paris. I wish the baby would get here so she can meet him but it will be nice to see her even if I am 39+ weeks pregnant. I thought having guests would be stressful but I am actually grateful for the company. People are also super helpful when you are soooo pregnant!

I have a doctors appointment tomorrow so I will report back Wednesday with baby news. Hopefully he will tell us it is time and to just go over to maternity. I am bringing my bag just in case, although that is probably wishful thinking.

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Anonymous said...

You definitely are nesting! Isn't it amazing what hormones will do?! I'm glad you are so ready. Enjoy it,it won't last. Can't wait to hear the news.
Much love,