Monday, August 27, 2007

Vraiement bien tôt!! (Really very soon!)

Hi Everyone!
It's Josh this time. No, no baby yet!
But I come bearing pictures. We did a little photo session last night (might be the last chance!) and you can see Gena, above, in between pictures. I'll also put one of both of us at the bottom. The photo shoot was a brief one and honestly the lighting wasn't excellent this time - so just a few "keepers"! Don't worry there will soon be hundreds (thousands) of baby pictures for your viewing pleasure! We'll open a new flickr account just for baby/family pics I think.

So, like Gena said, we go in tomorrow night for another blood test and baby monitoring. If all is good we'll come back home, otherwise I guess they'll induce/begin the induction process tomorrow night. Now we are REALLY close! The doctor certainly said he would be out before the weekend.

So I guess we should sleep while we have the chance! Hope everyone is doing well out there, and we'll try and keep in touch.



Christian said...

Cool...well if it makes you feel any better, Gary's son was born last Monday, and so far, the longest he's been awake at any given time is two hours. He's sleeping about 18 hours a day. So if that's any indication, you'll be able to get a fair amount of sleep at least in the near'll just be in 90-minute increments, that's all. Heh heh heh.


Gena said...

Hey Chris,

Tell Gary and Julie congrats for us! 18 hours a day is a lot of sleep, I was hoping for some entertainment once this kid gets here.
Not much longer, we will keep you and Em posted.. Hope you had a good vacation and the house stuff is going well.