Thursday, August 23, 2007

Another week and still no baby

We are still waiting, and nothing is happening. This weekend is 40 weeks and not a single contraction or anything. I have an appointment with the midwife tomorrow, I am not sure why, I think it is to check if the baby is coming anytime soon. My doctor gets back from vacation on Monday so it looks like he will probably deliver the baby.

It is rather frustrating that I stopped exercising, working and even going outside in fear of early labor and now it looks like the baby will be late! I guess we are better safe than sorry. I have been trying to get outside for long walks but it has been pouring rain for three days. I think the last time I was outside was Monday.

Last night Josh and I inventoried our wine cave which provided some entertainment for me. Today I put all the bottles in Cellar Tracker so that gave me something to do for a couple hours. I am really getting crazy sitting in this apartment. I have spent so much time in front of my computer I think I have come to the end of the Internet. I can't think of anything to Google!

We did have a lovely weekend with Maureen. We went to my favorite vegetarian restaurant for dinner and then took a long walk in the heart of Paris. It was really peaceful because most Parisians are on vacation. Josh took some great pictures while Maureen and I chatted. It was dark so not so many people stared at my belly with shock and fear. People no longer look at my face, only the belly and then they usually look frightened. I want to tell them it is okay, I don't expect them to deliver the baby if he comes. At one point Maureen and I were leaning on the bridge looking at Notre Dame and some young boys, probably under 20 came up and said "bon soir". When I turned and they saw my belly they quickly made their exit. At least being huge is good for something!

I will post tomorrow and let everyone know what the midwife says. I will probably be sent home and told to wait but maybe, just maybe they will say it is time!

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