Wednesday, August 29, 2007

One last pregnacy post

I think this will probably be the last pregnancy update for our blog. After this it will be all baby news and maybe even something about US!

I have my last monitoring tonight for the baby and my blood pressure. If everything is fine I will spend tonight at home. I am scheduled to report to the hospital at 8 AM Thursday to start the induction process. I believe it will be a gel to start and then some medicine through an IV. The baby should come sometime Thursday or Friday, maybe Saturday. I didn't really get a clear answer on how long it will take, I only spoke with the midwife as shifts were changing. I plan to ask the doctor Thursday. I was assured once I went in Thursday I would be having the baby before going home.

Today is going to be a long, long day as I did all the last minute stuff yesterday! I am praying a lot for a healthy baby and an uncomplicated delivery. I am also slipping in some prayers about him not being TOO big! Josh is at work today but he will be with me the entire time in the hospital and then all next week. I am so happy he is able to take some time to spend with us in the very beginning.

We should be home Sunday or Monday, I believe they keep us for three days after the birth. Josh has TWO cameras, multiple batteries and thousands of pictures worth of space so I am sure he will post plenty of pictures next week.

Have a good weekend and the next post will be about the BABY!

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Christian said...

Hopefully there's enough room in the delivery room for all of Josh's lenses and gear. Heh heh heh.

Good luck with The Main Event...