Monday, August 27, 2007

Finally, some baby news!

We finally have some baby news! I went in this morning to have the baby monitored and my blood pressure checked. Once again the baby was perfect, moving around a lot and with a strong stable heart rate and my pressure was 116/56 (C'est parfait, as the French are so fond of saying). While I was there I also saw my doctor who has returned from vacation. He is slightly concerned because my uric acid is higher than normal and rising with each blood test. Tomorrow we go back for another blood test and monitoring. If my uric acid is still going up he will give me a gel to soften my cervix and then he will induce labor on Wednesday. If the blood work is okay I will go in Wednesday night for the gel and he will induce Thursday. Of course I can still go into labor at anytime but no matter what happens it looks like we will have the baby by this weekend!

We are so excited at the thought of having the baby soon! The hospital requires that I stay for three days following the birth so we should be home Saturday or Sunday. Josh will take off next week to help with the baby. The following week my mom arrives for two weeks so I will have plenty of help for the first three weeks.

We do have a new problem with one of our cats, Jingle. He seems to think we have set up the babies bed for him. We keep finding him curled up asleep in the bassinet. We have had the bed set up for weeks and he just discovered it. We are now trying to come up with a plan to keep him out of the bed. Besides for that I think we have everything ready at home for the baby. He has lots of clothes and plenty of blankets and a few toys. I am sure we will have to go shopping once he gets home and we realize the things we have forgotten. We have a baby store about two doors down and another one a couple blocks up from our apartment so there should be no problem.

We will try to keep everyone posted about the birth, if I come home tomorrow night I will post. Otherwise I will be at the hospital having the baby!!

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