Thursday, November 29, 2007

Joshua tree

We spent our first three days in California at Joshua tree National Park. We hadn't really been to the desert before and thought it might be interesting. Josh also was looking for photo opportunities. We rented a cute cabin with a full kitchen and bath along with a bed and a futon for Julien. The Cabin also had a hot tub and grill of which we took full advantage.

We arrived Saturday afternoon, took showers and went to sleep early. We were exhausted after the long flight and car ride, also the nine hour time difference. The next morning we got up around six and went shopping for groceries and also stuff to bring back to Paris. We then headed to the park for the morning. We just drove around and got a feel for the park. We stopped a couple times to check out scenic views and also to eat and feed the baby. We went back to the cabin fairly early because we had BIG steaks and a wonderful bottle of wine waiting.

That night the baby went to sleep early so Josh and I grilled steaks and potatoes and had a great salad, all things we can't do in Paris. We enjoyed a wonderful California Cabernet in the hot tub, it was beautiful under the stars in the desert.

The next day we set off for a nice hike. We hiked for about two hours then decided to have lunch. We quickly realized we forgot our lunch at the cabin so we headed back. There is nowhere to eat in the park. We arrived back and enjoyed our lunch. Josh then took the baby to Walmart and gave me an hour of quiet time. I enjoyed a cold beer in the hot sun with a good book, it was lovely! That night we had the same dinner as the night before, why mess with perfection? We skipped the wine and went to bed early as we were exhausted!

The next day we headed back to Orange County where Josh's family were eagerly awaiting baby Julien. The car ride was shorter than expected and Julien slept the entire time so that was nice!

All in all Joshua tree was nice but really if you aren't rock climbing a day or two is all you need to see everything. It all looks pretty similar but it was nice to be in the heat after the chill of Paris. I was looking forward to the fresh air but it is pretty polluted up there, I guess you can't get away from it in California, just too many people.

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