Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Two month check up

Baby Juju had his second check up last night. He is perfectly healthy and growing exactly as he should. The doctor said he has never seen a baby measure exactly the same (50th percent) for everything (head, height and weight) twice in a row. I don't know if this is a good thing, I guess "average" is better than below and really who wants a big headed baby?

On the way to the doctor I stopped at the pharmacy to pick up the shots needed for the visit. In France you pick up the shots and bring them to the doctor. When I stopped to pick them up the pharmacist held up a package and asked me for one or three months. I told him I didn't know and he looked at my quite funny and laughed, then said "you don't know???" and laughed some more. I just figured he as some crazy pharmacist and paid for one month.

Fast forward to our visit, I am getting Julien undressed and Josh gives the pharmacy bag to the doctor. The doctor quickly gives Josh the something and says "I don't need these". I look around and it is the mystery box. The doctor is also laughing, I ask what they are and he looks at me with surprise. He says "those are birth control". I told him what happened at the pharmacy and he looked again at his prescription. It seems he had written to give Julien his vitamin "daily" and Daily is also the name of a birth control pill in France. So it seems the pharmacist must have thought I was really nuts saying I didn't know how long I would need the pills. Another great example of "lost in translation". I am just glad I didn't try to give them to Julien daily, that would have been horrible! I double checked the prescription for the next visit and it is only for shots, anything else I KNOW I don't need for one or three months. We all had a good laugh especially wondering what the pharmacist must have been thinking!

Besides the prescription debacle the visit went well. Julien wasn't too happy with the shots but he wasn't too upset. He was a little extra fussy last night and today but that is to be expected. I am happy he is healthy and growing normally. I thought he was getting a little chubby but I guess I was wrong. We go back to the doctor after Christmas at which time we will start "sleep training" and possible add some cereal to his diet. I am going to worry about that when the time comes right now I am just enjoying every minute with the little guy.

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Christian said...

Big-headed babies are people too. :)