Thursday, November 29, 2007

Going to California

It seems our son is a natural born traveler. He was a delight on the flight to and from California. The flight there was 11.5 hours with another hour or so on the plane before take off and after landing. He didn't cry once other than we landed.

We flew Air France business class which provided us with a "sky cot" which is a bassinet that attaches to the wall in front of our seats. Julien slept in it for about an two hours on the way to California and then for about five hours on the way back to Paris. When he wasn't asleep he was on our laps laughing and playing or eating.

Once we arrived in California we had to buy a baby seat and then we set off for a four hour drive to Joshua tree. Julien got a little fussy in the car but really after such a successful plane ride we couldn't fault him a little fussiness. He quickly adjusted to the time change by going to sleep around 5 in the afternoon and waking up around 5 in the morning, and of course a few times to eat.

Once we got back to Paris it was a different story. Julien has a bad case of baby jet lag, poor little guy. The first night wasn't too bad but the second night he was up from 11 to 4:30 which is crazy because he is never awake for that long in a row. Last night (the third night) he was up from about 1 to 4 but without too many tears. We hope tonight he goes back to normal which is sleeping from about 8 PM to 9 AM waking to eat every 4 hours. We will see though because he is asleep right now. I did my best to keep him awake but the little guy is sleepy after being up most of the night. I really hope he gets back to normal before we drag him home again in three weeks!

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Anonymous said...

Baby jet lag?! Poor baby! Poor mommy and daddy! Maybe he is just using this time to teach himself to sleep through the night. I hope so. Loved reading your blog, can't wait to hear more. Can't wait until Christmas!