Tuesday, November 6, 2007

The Pictures

This is the artistic pic, taken in our Holiday Inn Express, on the little cot they provided for Julien:

Here is the little family in front of a very nice set of trees.

Daddy making the boy laugh and smile during "tea":

Julien's clashing patterns in the pack and play provided by our B&B in the Lakes District:

Gena along one of our hikes. The color (or should I say colour) of the trees was spectacular. The photographer is carrying the baby this time.

Baby Juju begging for change on a park bench. I hope he'll bring in more money for the family after he can sing and/or play an instrument.

I got to fire off a few quick photos here using the remote before Julien got too fussy. He was a hungry boy!

Gena being goofy as I set up the shot and check exposure.

Asleep on the mommy!

Some play time in the morning, this is our room in the B&B

Sometimes tummy time goes well, but never for very long:

A better look of our room in the B&B. Nice big room, but the shower was really bad.

At a little restaurant in the Lakes District. Great food! (Francine's, in Windermere)

Us on a dock on Lake Windermere. The camera is sitting crooked on a rock, and that's me hitting the remote.

Our little pirate.

Aye, he found him some pirate trrrreasurrrre, aarrr!


Anonymous said...

Oh, Wow! What great pix! Love that little pirate!

Christian said...

Pirate...commendable choice for a first Halloween costume. I'm trying to decide if it would have been funnier if the outfit would have been in French instead. Probably not.


Anonymous said...

So much better with the commentary (how DO you spell that word!)Thanks. I wondered about all the Nutella--just figured it was booty for GG
Loved the comments about the shots. Does that mean he didn't get any? Must not--especially if he needed Tylenol.
Sleep training???Has the Dr met Gladys

Anonymous said...

This is a great little family chronicle -- the best I've seen!! What adventures you guys have had!! What fantastic film and words and love are contained in this blog. I can hardly wait for the Thanksgiving visit in CA.

Love to 3,