Monday, December 3, 2007

Photos From California

This is the cot Julien got on Air France.
Gena and Juju on the plane.
Waiting in the Air France lounge before the flight. People gave us our space.
Warming up for the flight! Everyone wants a happy baby!

The kids and Jennifer.

Jennifer makes the boy smile! And laugh.
GG and Papa Mike see Julien for the first time in, uh, 3 weeks? :)
Happy times on the bed!
Pam with our baby boy.
GG and baby Julien.
The four bombshells:
Papa Mike and GG.
The Kellers and Julien.
Kristin and the baby. She wouldn't let him go! It's easy when he likes her so much!
Papa Mike and Chelsea
Julien reaching for and playing with the yellow kitty. He missed his kitties at home!
The Thanksgiving dinner!
Potential Jedi's hone their lightsaber skills.
The Force is strong with these young ones.
Pam and the Thankgiving baby.
Are we popping GG?
"Pop it in the oven!" Julien likes to pop things in the oven.
GG, Will, Holland, Julien. Looks like Julien is popping things in the oven!
Holland and Julien
Will and Holland and Julien

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