Monday, July 23, 2007

Weekend Update

I actually made it outside three days in a row! So, today I had to rest in the house which was rather nice since it was cold and rainy.

Friday night Josh made dinner and then we walked up the street to get ice cream. I was so anxious to get some fresh air any excuse would suffice. Saturday I went out two times! We went shopping and then in the evening we went to a lovely dinner party. My friend Alexandra and her boyfriend Lothaire had us over along with our friends Jasmine and Alvaro. The dinner was really nice and we collected booty for the kid! Jasmine and Alvaro are moving to Hong Kong soon with their daughter so they gave us some of her baby toys and a bath tub. We also received a giant stuffed dog which we have been using to torture our cats.

Sunday we ventured out to the frozen food shop because I am now obsessed with smoothies. I suppose they are healthier than ice cream, at least somewhat. Sunday is also Roast day in the Oliver house. Josh has now tweaked his recipe to perfection, it involves beer and at least 6 hours in the oven.

Today Josh set off for the South of France for a few meetings. He is getting in tomorrow night and then leaving for Germany on Wednesday morning. After those trips he is finished traveling until after the baby arrives. I am really glad that will be it, I am worried I will go into labor and have to call an ambulance. My French skills are lacking on a good day, never mind while in labor!

Saturday we did a practice run to the hospital. I was surprised it only took about half an hour by car. It is much longer by Metro which is my normal means of transportation. I figure it will take Josh an hour to get to our apartment from work and then another half hour to get to the hospital. That is much less frightening than the 2-3 hours I had been planning.


Anonymous said...

I miss you and wish I was there! I cant believe that tummy!!!! I love you both-Melis

gg said...

I tried to call you yesterday morning, but could not get through! I wanted to know if you've gone stir crazy, yet? Sounds like you are doing okay. Still sounds like you are doing too much (this is your mother in law speaking!) Did you get Gladys' book? See ya, love,