Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Another week down ??? to go

I have managed to get through another week of maternity leave! Last week actually went quite quickly as it was filled with visitors and doctors visits.

Wednesday Josh's sister Kristin arrived with her husband Scott and their son, Erik. We had a lovely dinner across the street at the best Asian restaurant on our street. We live in a mini China town so this is high praise. After dinner we took a walk and showed them around our neighborhood. We haven't seen Kristin, Scott and Erik since our wedding so it was nice to catch up.

Thursday I had a long day at the American Hospital. I went by Metro for a morning appointment, Josh met me there. We waited an hour only to find out the appointment was changed to the evening, without anyone calling to inform me. The doctor wasn't even there at that time. I headed home having wasted 3-4 hours on a non appointment. My lovely husband was kind enough to drive me back that night for a 7:40 appointment. After a two hour wait we finally saw the doctor.

The baby seems to be getting extremely large. The doctor said he is full term and we can expect him at anytime. I am taking some medicine to keep me from going into early labor but he told me to stop the meds on August 7. The doctor will be on vacation for all of August, returning only one day to see patients. I am scheduled to see him again August 14 (the one day he is in office)but he thinks I will have the baby before August 14. So, we wait.

Saturday Josh played tour guide with our guests while I stayed home and rested. We had a very busy day Sunday (at least by my standards). We went to our friends Berenger and Martin's house for brunch. It was really nice and so French. They announced their engagement which was really exciting. They plan to be married next fall in the South of France. I think we will be back in the States by then but maybe we can use some Air France miles to return for the wedding.

After brunch we headed to our friends Jasmine and Alvaro's where they fed us a beautiful cake. They also gave us a beautiful baby bed that their daughter has out grown. We were planning to use a deluxe Pack and Play with a bassinet and changing table for the baby until we returned to the states. We are still planning to use the Pack and Play until he is too big for the basinet part. Then we will switch to the bed, if we have room to set it up. If the bed is too big we will save it for the US when the baby will have his own room.

We finally got in some time after 9 on Sunday night and I was exhausted! I haven't left the house since, although I might venture down to check the mail today. We also just had a rocking chair delivered so I might try to assemble that this afternoon. The days are passing much faster now that I have gotten used to being home all day.

Josh is now driving to his office so he can get back quickly (about an hour) if I need him to take me to the hospital. I hope the baby decides to come at night so Josh will be here and I won't have to worry. We can get to the hospital in about 20-30 minutes so that shouldn't be a problem. Thursday I am meeting with the anesthesiologist so they have my info on hand for the delivery. I am still not really sure what to expect when I go to the hospital. I know from books how things work in the states but I have very little info about French deliveries. I tried to ask the doctor but he answers were vague, he just says everything should be fine and no problem. Unfortunately I don't know what fine and no problem means. I can only pray for the best and rest assured it is a very good hospital.


GG said...

Oh my goodness! I knew the baby was big, but this is ridiculous! An early August baby?? Oh my! I'm keeping my cell phone glued to my body, so between you and Grandma, I'll just wait for news. Grandma is in the hospital, again, and hoping to come home today. She had a very bad staph infection after her carpel tunnel surgery, so they had to operate again. She's had some bad nights with much confusion, and I'm wondering if my parents can cope. I'm planning a trip out Aug 14 (baby Bison due day!) to see Jen, but I'll probably go a little early and spend some time with Pops and Grandma.
So, Kris arrived! Looks like they just made it before the baby! I called your house once, but didn't get through. Keep us posted, we're waiting on pins and needles. Is your mom going to come earlier? Are you okay in that department?
Much love,

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