Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Ten days down

I have now completed 10 days of maternity leave without going insane with boredom. Actually it isn't so bad, I have found ways to keep busy through out the day.

Today is absolutely beautiful which makes it difficult to stay inside. There is a lovely park just around the corner that I have been dreaming of all day. Instead I have cleaned out drawers and separated clothes that currently fit, might one day fit again and those that need to find a new home. Oh, and Josh's stuff. Next on my agenda is washing the baby clothes with hypoallergenic soap. I am starting to feel like a real housewife!

I did manage to get out a few times last week. One night I saw a movie with my girlfriends, "2 days in Paris". It was pretty funny and showed very typical Parisian life (at least what I see of Parisian life). Friday Josh and I went to dinner with his friend from college, Simcox who was staying with us for the weekend. We tried a new place up the street. The food was pretty good and there was no smoking so that was great. Saturday the three of us attempted to go shopping but it was Bastille day (the French independence day) so nothing was open. It was also about 90 degrees so I had to come home early to rest. So far this week I have been outside twice, both times to the grocery store.

I have been trying some fun new recipes since I have all afternoon to cook. Josh seems especially happy with this aspect of my staying home. It can be challenging trying to find things to make with what we already have in the house since the stairs get more difficult each day.

Tomorrow I may venture to La Defense for a going away party for a friend who is moving to Hong Kong. I am not sure if I will feel up to it so I haven't made a decision yet. It is frustrating not knowing my energy levels from day to day. I feel like a lazy bum just sitting around all day but then when I do stuff I feel guilty, like I could hurt the baby. I also get tired so easily now, I don't know if it being pregnant or I am used to not doing much. Only 5-6 more weeks.

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