Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Exciting Tuesday Night

We had our 3rd ultrasound last night and everything looks good. The hospital has a new prenatal unit which sounded great but in reality it is a couple of rooms in the stuffy basement. We did get to use the new ultrasound equipment which was really cool. I don't know anything about the technical aspects but they had a huge flat screen at the end of the table where we could see the same screen the doctor sees.

They measured all his little parts and he is a little bigger than average but we think they might be comparing to petite French babies so he is probably just right for a BIG American baby. He is running out of space to move around so he currently has one foot wedged under my rib cage. I thought it was some baby part and the ultrasound confirmed, one giant foot! We tried to check out the maternity ward but they are opening a new maternity ward next week so we had no luck.

We also picked up a new painting we bought "for the baby". It is even better than we expected. Josh took about a million pictures of the painting so hopefully he will have time to post one and also some from the ultrasound. We had to rearrange all of our artwork (now 3 whole paintings) to accommodate the new masterpiece. I am sure Josh will post the details with the painting some time in the near future.

That is probably the most exciting night we will have all week and it left me exhausted. I had to go to bed at 9:30 which left Josh hours of time to edit his photos.


Emily said...

Oh my gosh! Look how round and cute Gena is...the Suisse trip looks like it was fun, beautiful and relaxing. Mike and Glenda look like they are enjoying themselves (should I salivate when I see a glass of wine?).

Sounds promising that a new maternity ward is in the making for the new little guy's arrival. Keep us updated - I want to see ultrasound pics and the new artwork!

Michael Saggs said...

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