Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Julien's first doctors visit

Since Josh established that we are "those parents" I will tell you about Julien's first doctors appointment. We went last night to meet the good doctor who was recommended to us by some friends here in Paris. His name is Dr. Lovejoy (who could resist choosing him with that name?). He is an American which is wonderful because he treats the baby according to an American vaccine schedule. This way we should be right on track when we move back to the states.

Dr. Lovejoy is very through and anticipated most of our questions before we could even ask. He also has a website and provided us with numerous phone numbers and an email if we need to reach him, this was great after the difficulty I have had reaching my doctor here in France!

Julien is still a healthy baby! He gained a kilo and one centimeter which puts him over 10 pounds and around 23 inches. It is hard to get a length measurement because Julien kind of goes into a ball sometimes (we call it the frog position). We thought we had a big baby but according to the US charts, which Dr. Lovejoy uses he is right in the middle for weight, length and head circumfrence. He also got his first shot and was such a good boy! The doctor gave me some Tylenol for him if he got fussy but I didn't have to use it, Julien went right to sleep when we got home.

I am happy with our doctor selection and very glad Julien is healthy and strong. Julien seems to really smile now, this morning I spent about 10 minutes singing the good morning to you song to him while he smiled and cooed. He then decided breakfast would be better than my singing and let me know!

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