Friday, October 12, 2007


Well, I'm writing this at work so it's gotta be quick but just to let everyone know that our internet connection at home seems to have slipped off the rails. As our telephone, internet, and tv signal are all from a single advice nothing is working. "Oh dear" you say. Yes indeed, the blog is on hold a bit especially since I can't upload pictures from work. I have it on my list of things to do this afternoon to call the provider and determine what to do - but I'll need to enlist French Help to do it - that's what collegues are for!

So you need to call us? Call my cell phone + or Gena's + It might cost you a little more but if you gotta talk to us, you gotta talk to us! We can call you back maybe too.

Try to write again when (fingers crossed) the line is fixed. See 'ya, lots of love!

Gena and the baby are fine, by the way!


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Anonymous said...

We are "those parents" also. I love it! Every little thing is precious, that's why we celebrate!
Julien looks like dad, no wait, he looks like Gena, oh's a toss up. Can't wait to see you!