Saturday, October 27, 2007

A Few Videos!

We have some good pictures to come soon also. But videos are so fun!

We have the bath video but it's really large (262MB) so I don't think it'll upload to blogger. Until I figure out how to edit it, we'll have to wait..

Here's just happy fun time with Gigi:

And another:


Anonymous said...

It's a shame that two of them are so dark, hard to see the video. Also wish it was longer! He is really to cute.

Melissa Apte said...

Hey there you three....what is your schedule looking like for January and/or February? We may be coming over there-probably booking this weekend if so....he's trying to get the time off so dont know exactly when yet. I hope you dont mind us popping in on you!!! I would love to see all of you (can't wait to meet Little Julien!)and have you meet Patrick! Gena, call or email me soemtime and we can discuss....Melis:)

Qing-jao said...

Well said.