Thursday, January 17, 2008

Play group and other fun stuff

I am taking a break from cleaning our apartment to write this blog. We are getting another estimate on our apartment this Saturday morning so I have to get the apartment prepared. I have started today because we are fully booked tomorrow.

Julien and I are meeting my friend Alex for lunch where I used to work. After lunch I plan to introduce Julien to my ex-coworkers and hopefully some of Josh's co-workers. Josh is in Paris for a meeting which is supposed to end after lunch when he will go to my old building for the afternoon. Hopefully the timing works because we also have a doctors appointment scheduled at 3:30. I hope Julien is okay being out and about for the entire day. He is used to his afternoon nap but he can always sleep in the bjorn while I carry him.

On Tuesday Julien and I went to a baby play group. The play group was for "non mobile" babies so it was perfect for us. It was lovely to meet some other moms with babies the same age as Julien. I am looking forward to this weekly meeting. I was also invited to a mommy tea and a CPR class so those things should be fun.

I somehow managed to end up in the wrong building when I set out for the play date. I was across the street but the building matched the description so I was sure it was correct. I walked up and down the stairs knocking on all doors looking for the babies. Luckily it was the middle of the afternoon so not many people were home. I finally gave up after about half an hour and went outside only to look at the number and realize my mistake. I was lugging Julien in the Bjorn the whole time so when I finally showed up at the play group I was all sweaty and red in the face. Nothing like making a great first impression, but it was okay the other moms just smiled like it was normal to be drenched in sweat in 35 degree weather. Julien slept through the entire thing and then was a happy nice baby for the play date.

In other news Josh and I are totally obsessed with finding a house to buy in the States. Josh has compiled this huge spread sheet documenting every last detail we could want. We have looked at every home for sale in our price range and narrowed it down to 60 places. We plan to narrow it down further and things are sold daily but we wanted to make sure we didn't miss anything. There seems to be a huge variance in what you get for your money. We are concentrating on Downingtown, West Chester, Great Valley and TE school districts. Downingtown has the most for sale but the taxes are really high. I would love to be in TE but the houses are insanely expensive compared to other places. West Chester has the lowest taxes but it is also the furthest from our parents. I really like Great Valley too but it is somewhat expensive and has less for sale. All in all I am confident we will find something.

Maybe I should have cleaned rather than blogged because now Julien is awake and needs my full attention. He is teething and sometimes not the happiest baby. I put him in his crib for a nap but I have been up there three times in ten minutes so maybe a nap isn't going to happen right now.

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Isn't it GREAT to get out??!!