Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Back in Paris

We had a wonderful time in Pennsylvania for the Holiday's. We received way too many presents and ate entirely too many cheesteaks and soft pretzels. We stayed at Glenda and Mikes for over two weeks, we managed to use all three of their guest rooms and keep their dishwasher running daily. They were lovely and gracious hosts, as usual.

Julien was a terrific traveler even with a four hour delay on the way to Philly. He seems to be doing better with the baby jet lag this trip. He is still fussy through the night but nothing like coming back from California. He had so much fun at home and was spoiled rotten by his grandparents! The poor baby is already bored here with only me and the cat's for entertainment, Josh is in Spain for work.

Josh and I were able to go out on our own quite often thanks to GG and Pappa. It was nice to have some time to see our friends and to shop without lugging the baby around in his Bjorn. The Drafting Room has a lot of our money but it was worth it for the good times.

We started the great house search of 2008. Christine took us out to look at new construction because we would have to start building now to be ready in the spring. We saw a lot of beautiful places but nothing that was absolutely perfect. We thought there would be some price incentives because of the housing market but there wasn't much where we were looking. We also went to see a couple resales to see what was available in our price range. We feel pretty confident we will be able to find something in the spring when we are more prepared to make an offer. Now, we just need to sell the Paris apartment and we will be good to go.

It was hard coming back to Paris after spending two weeks at home. I have had such a great time living in France but I am ready to move home. We are starting the exit from Paris and while I am somewhat sad to leave such a beautiful city I am more excited about our future in Pennsylvania. I will miss the travel but the daily life is much better for me living near our friends and family.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for the lovely words! We miss you all so much, and can't wait until you're back. We've got snow today!