Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving and Turkey Battle

Three Turkeys. Three Chefs. Three Methods:

The "Salt, don't Brine" oven herb method, by GG:

The Rotisserie/Herb/Secret method by Papa:

And the Canjun Deep fried method by me:

All of us chefs with our birds:

Judgment finally came in, and the winner:

GG's turkey was simply the most moist! It was really delicious, and I think we were all good sports. I was slightly dissappointed in the deep fry method as it was good, but not obviously awesome. If I did it again I would use a smaller bird and a lot more cajun injection.

The family over at GG's and Papa's for Thanksgiving:

String on head silliness:


Anonymous said...

What beautiful pix! Utah looks awesome. I want to go!

Anonymous said...

I told you you guys were "goin' down", and down you went! The turkey-off was lots of fun. I will fess up to my secret ingredient: Herbs d'Provence.
Would definitely do it again. Thanks for being such good sports. Can't wait til next year!