Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Well, we probably lost a lot of our "viewership" by now, since we moved within socializing distance to many of you, and we can now see a lot of you on a regular basis! Even so we do have this blog which is nice for us also to keep track of things, and even though NO ONE has given any comments or feedback for the last two posts, here I am again and this time armed with video. Let's see how it goes:

So that's Julien on his car/walker thing, HOT OFF THE PRESS this was yesterday, no sorry Sunday and this is only his second run at it. Here he is again:

Love you all and hope you are having a good summer!!!

Josh and Gena


Christian said...

Do I get a cookie for still checking up? How's this work?


dad said...

we love all three of you, we are thrilled that we can socialize because you're close, and we are very pleased to see updates to the BLOG.

Anonymous said...

keep those pictures coming, guys. Makes my day

Anonymous said...

Hey guys,
How about some pix of your awesome garden and those fab tomatoes??

Anonymous said...

glad to see some more pictures of JuJu and you both, even if you are next door almost. MamaGV

Anonymous said...

What a lovely house!!! Love the yard..........I forgot you had this website thingy, sorry! Will see that cute boy soon! Love, Aunt Kris